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Create a team with Custom Apparel…why matching apparel is key to creating a team spirit in the office, on the field and beyond.

Nothing makes a team look more put together than official custom uniforms or custom apparel. Whether it’s staff in a restaurant, bar or hotel, office staff uniforms or sports team uniforms, they can create a real sense of team work and belonging. Offering your staff and team mates professional, high quality, comfortable and practical custom uniforms and apparel is a great way to help the look of your overall brand and create a great morale and sense of team spirit, which improves performance and happiness of staff and teams. The Evolve Group thoroughly believes in making a great environment for staff and so have our own staff apparel, created in house of course. Including comfy options such as jackets and polo shirts that are worn by the staff who work in the office and those on the manufacturing side of the team who often work outside and need to stay warm while wearing something breathable and practical. If you’re looking of the best clothing printing company then look no further the Evolve Group, an Edinburgh based printing, designing and manufacturing business located in Edinburgh. Stay tuned for the amazing branded merchandise apparel we have on offer.


Staff uniforms for hospitality

It is pretty essential for staff members who work in the hospitality business to have uniforms and custom apparel. It allows customers to see who works for the company and creates a sense of identity among the staff that ensures that they can preform their best. Staff in the hospitality industry are always on their feet, so it is important that all custom staff uniforms are practical and comfortable. That doesn’t mean they can’t also look great, our team of designers are well equipped to help you create stylish staff uniforms that look luxurious and professional. From polo shirts, custom t-shirts, aprons and more we have a large range of options for your wonderful staff. It is important working in hospitality that uniforms can easily wash as they offer can come into contact with food and drinks. If your company needs personalised staff uniforms then the Evolve Group is definitely the place where you need to go for them. We also offer branded PPE to keep staff and customers safe and keep businesses open whilst maintaining the look of your business.


Office wear

Working in an office often means wearing smart casual, but wouldn’t a better idea be to create a staff uniform for those working in an office so that they can feel like part of a team and can be comfortable and movable. We know that sitting at a desk all day would be more comfortable in custom polo-shirts and t-shirts. Designing your own t-shirt for staff who work in an office is a great way to make them more comfortable. It takes the stress out of having to choose an outfit everyday and gives staff the chance to focus on work whilst feeling comfortable. We also know, in our business anyway, office staff sometimes need to get involved with more hands on projects and having comfortable staff uniforms is a great way to make sure they can get involved and not feel uncomfortable. It also means that no one feels left out and everyone just gets to wear the same thing. Getting personalised staff uniforms, maybe with names and positions on them is also a great way to create a sense of camaraderie among you team, making them work together to the best of their abilities. We also offer branded PPE.


Team uniforms

We also have the facilities at Evolve to design and manufacture custom sports team uniforms. Everyone knows it is essential to have tea, uniforms, merely for the practical reasons of being able to spot your fellow teammates on the field. If sports people will be running, jumping and stretching in their uniforms then it is essential they are made of movable, breathable and comfortable fabric. We know how to create the perfect team kits at Evolve, branded kits also create a sense of team work, ensuring your team works perfectly together. Whether it’s sports tops, jerseys, shorts, skorts or leggings we can create great custom sports kits that give the best performance on the field or on the track. We also have options for after training or match kits such as custom hoodies and tracksuits. We can take care of the whole uniform from custom numbered jerseys to personalised socks. Create the perfect look for your team with Evolve.


Custom Merch for Gift Shops

If your brand wants to increase brand exposure then selling custom merch and apparel in gift shops or online is a great option. We can design any item of apparel for you and cover it in your branding. You can then sell your items in gift shops or online to fans or customers. Including branded caps and hats, personalised jackets, shirts, polo shirts, hoodies, PPE, socks, scares, hats and so much more. Basically if you can think of a particular piece of clothing we’re certain we can add the branding to it, and it will look high quality. Gift shops that sell custom apparel are a great way to increase brand exposure and create extra income. Invest in personalised gift shop merch today.


Custom apparel for corporate gifts and giveaways

Another great reason to invest in custom apparel is that you can give it away as corporate gifts and give-aways to woo potential clients or to reward loyal customers. Not only does this invite customers to your company, it increases brand exposure as people will see the branding on your custom apparel and remember it. We urge you to invest in custom apparel today, it is great for brand awareness and marketing, it makes brands look professional and cohesive and is really create for creating a sense of camaraderie amongst staff and teammates.

Get in touch with the Evolve Group today, the number one company in Scotland for all your custom merchandise and personalised apparel needs, whether you’re based in Scotland, the UK or beyond.

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