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People judge products by their packaging…don’t miss out on sales with bad packaging!

If you have a product for retail then chances are you need some form of packaging. Packaging is the first thing customers see when they approach your products and so having high quality and attractive packaging is pretty important in terms of selling your products. At the Evolve Group we understand the importance of good product packaging, as an Edinburgh based design and manufacturing company we make our fair share of packaging, whether it be Scottish packaging, UK packaging or even global packaging needs, we are here to help at every step of the way. We are the best option as a packaging company because not only can we manufacture packaging, we can carry out packaging design too. Even better than that we can help with the actual packaging of products with our co-packaging facilities. If you’re in desperate need of some branded packaging then get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you want to find out more about all the amazing packaging options there are available to you then keep reading and we’ll tell you more.

Sometimes the most basic and obvious option is the best one for the job. When we think of packaging we usually think of boxes, and there’s a reason for this…Boxes work! There are very functional, affordable, they can be easily assembled and dissembled. They are light weight and can be easily flattened and stored. More boxes are made from cardboards that can easily be recycled or reused for another purpose. They tend to offer large surface areas meaning that when it comes to packaging design, graphic designers can fill the box covers with amazing designs and as much information as required. Box packaging is not boring, it can be designed completely to your specifications, it can be cheap packaging or affordable packaging or it can be luxury packaging, it’s all in the design and sourcing of materials, something the Evolve Group can easily help you with. There are so many options when it comes to box packaging, including presentation boxes, printed boxes, bottle boxes and tubes. Whatever your needs for you box packaging we can meet them.

Custom packaging is so important but something that is easily overlooked, any consumable product needs to have packaging and labels in order for it to be sellable in a retail environment. It also needs to be airtight and properly sealed to prevent food or drinks going bad or to avoid spills and leaks. Consumables also need to have proper branded packaging because customers need to be provided with important details such as sell by dates or best by dates as well as all the relevant nutritional information, allergy warnings and alcohol contents. It’s vital for products such as cosmetics and skincare and health items to also be effectively and professionally labeled and packaged to ensure the integrity of products, for health and safety and again to convey the relevant information. Packaging solutions we can offer include bottles and and tubs, sleeves, shrink wrapped packs which are perfect for keeping food products air tight, printed cartons and neck tags for bottles and such. These packaging options are great for a number of different products but especially consumables such as food and drink and for products like cosmetics or construction materials packaging.

Packaging is also an important element when it comes to giveaways and corporate gifts for any kind of business. Branded packaging is also essential for products that will be given away at trade shows, events or exhibitions. Gift packaging and giveaway packaging needs to be branded in order to achieve the purpose of corporate gifting, which is brand exposure and rewarding loyal customers. If your branding is not on the gift packaging then it is not effective in terms of marketing. At the Evolve Group we can offer a number of gift packaging solutions including gift packs, value added packs and gift bags. We can design the packaging for you, print packaging, manufacture packaging, assemble packaging and carry out contract packaging services as well. The perfect way to take care of all your packaging needs, whether you’re located in Scotland, the UK or beyond.

As you can see the merits of good packaging are multiple. If you want to improve the sales of your product then putting products in high quality and effective packaging is definitely an option, especially when you choose to work with a brand such as Evolve who can guarantee high quality products, fantastic customer service, unique design and increased sales, all delivered on time. If you want to know more about the packaging options we already have available at the Evolve Group or if you want to talk about more bespoke packaging options then get in touch with us today and we’ll help you now!

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