Signage FAQ


We answer some of your signage questions. We welcome all questions and discussions on signage, after all it is what we do! If you have a question about signage that you think will be useful, please contact us.

Do you charge for a signage site visit?


No, we are happy to provide site surveys and consultations free of charge as well as providing free quotations. Let us run you through our site visit process, it’s really hassle free. Contact us to let us know your brief and provide us with all your contact details and your site address and we’ll fix a time and date that suits you. Our signage experts will come to you and will carry out the survey. Site surveys differ based on your request. For example, if you are looking for a sign for the front of your business such as 3D letters or a flat sign we will carry out measurements of the building as well as considering the surrounding space to understand how well your sign will fit and how we might install it. We measure the front of the shop for fascia signs and take extensive photographs, this could be a flat sign, backlit sign tray, sign with trough light above the sign or lights pointing up to illuminate signage, as well as 3D cut out letter signs, wooden signage and acrylic signage. More extensive measuring will take place for building wraps. It’s a similar process for internal signage, we just take into consideration the layout of your building to better understand how we might install you sign. It is also vital to take into consideration space constraints when surveying internal signage, if you want post mounted signs, neon signs, illuminated signs or projecting signs we will take into consideration the structure of your building to ensure that these signs can be foundational supposed. When it comes to wall, floor and window vinyls, our survey team know how how to consider how light will effect these products. Our site survey team are experts at signage installation and can help you by not only informing you of how much a particular job would cost, but also they can offer you expert advice to help you achieve the best possible signage, we really are here to help. Once our team has carried out an extensive survey and analysis of the space including health and safety checks, and after they have drawn up a technical drawing based on their survey, they will be placed to offer you a free quotation with no obligations on your part. Our Installation team are qualified and trained in all types of graphic and sign installation as well as the safe use of access equipment, plant and scaffolding. We can carry out free signage visits across a number of Scottish locations, we carry out Edinburgh signage, Glasgow signage, Fife signage and so much more, wherever you are in Scotland and even the rest of the UK, we can come to you and offer you a free quotations, although sometimes a small travel fee may arise for locations that are particularly far away.

What type of signage do you create?


Not an easy question for a team like the Evolve Group because we really do it all! The short answer is that we basically can create and install any kind of signage you could possibly want, but more specifically we have a wide range of signage for internal and external spaces, as well as vehicle signage. Our internal signage includes, but is not limited to, retail and shop signs, post mounted signs, neon signs, illuminated signs, vehicle graphics and wraps, window graphics, wall and floor graphics, 3D built up letters, flat cut letters, sign trays, projecting signs and hanging signs. In regards to external signage we have the following options, monoliths and totems, directional and wayfinding signs, safety signs and to let boards, hoarding boards, pavement boards and furniture, cabin wraps, bar fronts, building wraps, wooden signage, billboards, acrylic signage, wall cladding, banners, including mesh and PVC and so much more! Finally we also offer vehicle signage which includes but again is not limited to van and car decals, full vehicle wraps, vehicle magnets, window vinyls, full fleet signage, contra vision, vehicle stickers and vinyl livery. We can also carry out temporary signage as well as permanent signage. These are just a number of the signage solutions we have, if you are interested in custom signage or bespoke signage then this is also something we can do for you. Pretty much every sign we create is fantastically unique and special to that particular customer, so if you’re looking to stand out you’ve come to the right place. At the Evolve Group we are always looking for innovative sign solutions and so if you come to us with a particular request and it’s a type of signage we’ve never carried out before, or completely new signage that no-one is Edinburgh or Scotland are trying then we’d love to help you create something original. As our name suggests we are always looking to Evolve and new and challenging signage solutions are a perfect way to do so! So why don’t you get in touch with us to discuss your signage ideas, we’re always dying to try something new and creative! Following your free site survey, we will draw up technical drawings and offer you a free quotation on your possible signage.

How long does it take to install a shop front sign?


The length of the signage installation process really depends on the particular project. Every project is different, every site has different needs and space and some signs just naturally take longer to prepare and install. For example, signage such as vinyl wraps can be carried out relatively quickly, depending on the size. They could take half and hour even if they are pretty small. Don’t let that small amount of time fool you however, our team are complete experts and your signage will be installed flawlessly. Vinyl wraps, vinyl livery, floor, wall and window graphics are all examples of signage that can be installed very quickly with minimal disruption to business. Some signs take a lot longer because they have structural requirements that need to be built so they can be secured to walls, shop fronts or roofs. This is an incredibly important part of the process to ensure the best quality signage as well as durability and safety. Illuminated signs take longer than some other signage for example, but only a day or two. This is because they have electrical elements that need to be fitted, secured and checked scrupulously to ensure the health and safety of everyone on site and for employees and customers of the establishment where signage is being installed.Where required our Installation team will complete risk assessments and method statements and organise work permits and road closures if necessary. Our Installation team are qualified and trained in all types of graphic and sign installation as well as the safe use of access equipment, plant and scaffolding. Our Installation team offer Nationwide coverage. We have all the required fitting team credentials so you can rest easy in the knowledge that our team know what they’re doing and will carry out the perfect installation to achieve the highest standard of signage. Our team can also carry out maintenance work subsequent to the initial installation and can uninstall signage that was only intended to be temporary. If you are looking for Edinburgh signage or signage throughout Scotland and the UK that is perfectly installed then look no further than the Evolve Group and our team of expert fitters.

What fonts can I use?


At the Evolve Group the choice is yours and you can choose whichever font you wish for your signage. We have significant experience designing signage and our design team will be able to expertly guide you to the best possible signage solution that reflects your brand’s theme. We can offer any font, but because of our experience we also know which fonts work best in various signage solutions. Some fonts become very difficult to read when they are adapted into a particular sign. For example if you choose neon signage sometimes choosing font that is too tightly packed can result in lettering that cannot be easily read but neon signage still often looks best with a cursive font. We can guide you on all these matters whilst still ensuring you receive the signage you want. Bespoke signage is our specialty and we can help you achieve the particular look you’re going for whilst still ensuring that your sign is structurally sound both in its attachment to your walls, shopfront or roof and to ensure that it is easily installed and up to safety standards. Specialist font signs are something we can easily design, manufacture and install for your business. Our design teams extensive experience and knowledge means that they know what works best for signage, including the best fonts for standing out and making an impact. The best signage for your business if the type of signage that will attract more customers. It must be clear, easy to read, easy to understand and it must look really good. No matter what the theme of your branding we can create a sign that perfectly suits it and that makes an impact and draws in customers. You will work directly with our design team who will come up with designs for you to choose, if you want changes made to your proposed design, we can do that too. Custom signage really means custom signage at the Evolve Group. Signage is a great way to promote your business as they can be seen all day and everyday, choose the perfect sign with us.

What materials can I choose to have my sign made out of?


There are so many options when it comes to what materials you can have your sign made out of when you work with the Evolve Group, we have so many options for you to choose from. We can create signage out of basically any material you want depending on what your particular project is and what your brand desires. Here are just some of the amazing options we have available, although there are so many more. ACM or Aluminium Composite Materials is a rigid double sheet of pre-finished aluminium bounded to a polyethylene core. It is a great material to make signs out of because it is lightweight and durable. ACM signs can also be routed, cut or roll-formed, giving you the perfect custom sign. They are perfect for external signage because of their durability and can also be used for channel letter backings. ACM signs are wonderful and ACM is a wonderful material. Another fantastic material we use to make signs is PVC, an incredibly popular sign making material. PVC or Polyvinyl Chlorite is a synthetic plastic polymer available in two forms, rigid and flexible. PVC comes in thin sheets and can be easily expanded creating voids in the interior and causing the material to become thicker without adding extra weight or costs. Sheets are easily cut and shaped using saws or rotary cutting equipment. PVC also makes vinyl which is a material we often use for signage purposes because it is affordable, easily installed and looks great. It can be installed on floors, walls and windows and we also do vehicle vinyls or decals, it is a great option for your signage solutions. PVC signage is affordable, effective, lite weight and long lasting. If you are looking for a more heavy duty signage solution then aluminium signage might be the option for you, they are definitely out metal signage of choice. Our laminated aluminium signs are really high quality and long lasting, they make great internal and external signage as they can last in all conditions. They make especially good road signs, street signs, construction signs and parking signs as they can be made reflective and therefore visible in the dark. Aluminium signs can be made to look modern, stylish and professional as well as practical and functional. Metal signs are aways a classy choice. Another signage option that always looks great are wooden signs. Wooden signage offers so many options because there are so many types of wood. Depending on the type of wood you use, you can create a particular look with wooden signs, whether it be a more rustic ascetic or something more homely you can create something unique with wooden signs. They make great in door signs and can be used as door signs or way finding signs. You can also cut individual letters out of the wood and create something really special. Wooden signage is a great option for your brand. Signs can be engraved, printed on or can be cut out letters, there are so many options with the materials we have available. Those are only four options we can offer you, there are so many more available and as you can see the materials above show so much variety themselves. If you want custom signage that is durable, affordable, stylish and professional then look no further than the Evolve Group.


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