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What is a merchandise maverick?

Want to take your brand or business from mediocre to marvellous? Then you need to become a merchandise maverick! At the Evolve Group, an Edinburgh based design and manufacture company, we are experts at helping people choose the best custom merchandise to fit their brand. We can help design it and then source required materials and manufacture it too. Whatever you require we can do it. In fact we like to think that if we were superheroes our catchphrase would be ‘If you can think of it, we can print on it’! If you’re wondering what a merchandise maverick is then let us tell you. A merchandise maverick is a brand or business that has their logo and branding on every single possible item you can think of. Why is this a good idea? Multiple reasons, looking professional and put together, brand cohesiveness, helps create a team atmosphere and spreads brand awareness, just to name a few. Stick with us to find out how to become a merchandise maverick…

Personalised Stationery

Custom stationery is a great first step towards becoming a merchandise maverick! Pens, pencils, mouse mats, stress balls, keyrings and diaries are all essential items for any office or home office. Personalised stationery creates an impression of sheer professionalism. Make your business look put together and professional by having an entire selection of stationery covered in your logo and branding. It is also a great way to get your brand out there, being able to offer potential clients and customers stationery with your branding on it will ensure that they remember you and your business. Make sure you make yourself a merchandise maverick by choosing custom stationery from the Evolve Group.

Customise your tech

Customised tech items such as personalised USB sticks and custom portable chargers are a great way to add a bit of colour and excitement to your equipment. Tech items need not look dull and uninviting, you can make them look like they are part of the brand as well. Branding your tech equipment is also a great way to keep items safer. If you usb or portable charger has your logo and branding on it, it will be obvious who they belong to and they are less likely to be stolen and if lost they are very recognisable. Show that you can have fun with your branding and merch by ordering custom tech items today.

Corporate Gifts

Running a business means that you have to be able to network effectively and woo potential clients. A great way to get the attention of customers and partners is to offer them corporate gifts. Having your branding and logos on the custom corporate gifts not only increases brand awareness and is a great marketing tool, it also makes your business look really cohesive and put together. You can create luxury corporate gifts we us at the Evolve Group. No matter what the content we can help you design the packaging and labelling so your branding is front and centre. We can help you acquire the contents of corporate gifts too. Corporate gifts are also a great way to reward clients and customers who have been consistently loyal to your brand. Creating a good relationship with your customers is key to success and if you choose to become a merchandise maverick in regards to your corporate gifts, you are sure to create a great relationship with your customers. They make great promotional products too.

Make it uniform

Personalised apparel such as custom printed t-shirts or personalised socks are great ways to become merchandise mavericks. Custom apparel is essential for the total merchandise maverick effect. Whether its for custom staff uniforms or free gifts we can help. We can even do band t-shirts. We can do everything from custom t-shirts, personalised shirts, socks, jumpers, jackets, underwear, umbrellas, bags, tote bags, coats, scarves, hats and so much more. Any apparel you can think of, we can customise it and help you and your brand become merchandise mavericks.

Home and Office Decor…but make it personalised

Having custom branded items around your home and office can definitely help create an image of professional and cohesiveness in your chosen space. From personalised mugs and crockery to custom coasters, branded cushions and personalised throws. Any home of office ware items you can think of, we can add your branding and make them customisable. Make you space reflect your brand with custom home and office ware from the Evolve Group, as we serve customers across Scotland, the UK and beyond.

Seasonal Items

If you really want to take you merchandise to the next level then way not consider custom seasonal items. This could include summery items such as parasols and swimwear or Christmas items like custom wrapping paper, Christmas baubles and custom Christmas cards. The options are endless with seasonal items. Simply choose the seasonal item you wish to brand, we’ll design it, manufacture it and deliver it straight to your door.

Have fun with your merchandise

One thing at the Evolve Group we always recommend is just having some fun with your chosen merchandise! Show your customers and partners that you don’t take yourself too seriously and get branded items such as custom golf balls, custom jigsaw puzzles and games, personalised beer mates, pin badges and branded sweets. Create a fun relationship with your customers with our great fun branding options and become the ultimate merchandise maverick.

We’ve told you everything we know about becoming a merchandise maverick, now all you need to do to become one is follow our steps. Get in touch with us if you want everything branded and we can help you no doubt! We can print on demand and deliver through the UK. Come to the Evolve Group for awesome merchandise.

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