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Merchandise is a great way to market your business and to get your brand out there. At The Evolve Group we love a great branded merchandise item and we’re pretty good at producing them if we do say so ourselves. We believe they key to great merchandise is great design. Our fantastic team of designers are well equipped to design you the perfect merchandising products for your brand. They know how to expertly incorporate your branding and logos into the merchandise in a way that looks both natural but that also highlights your brand. Our manufacturing team are also well equipped to make your branded merchandise exactly to your specifications. We only use the high-quality materials to make merchandising products, so you can rest easy that you will receive the best merchandise available. If you’re looking to update your merchandise game then why not take a look at our 5 favourite merchandise products below, they’re pretty fun if you ask us…




Branded hoodies are really a great merchandise option in our book. They are so comfy and casual, your customers and staff will love them. Hoodies are a really flexible object when it comes to designing new merchandise. They have a really large surface area and so there are many more options when it comes to choosing a design for your product. You can choose from a variety of materials, including light jersey or heavy duty materials to make for an extra cosy jumper. You can choose to have your design printed on, vinyl heat transferred or embroidered. It’s really up to you.  You can have a design on the front, on the back, on the sleeves. You can have a pouch on the front and draw strings if you desire. You can work directly with our designers to create a branded hoody that is perfect for your brand. Invest in something cosy today.



Pin Badges

Pin badges or enamel badges are all the rage these days. Numerous designs flood sites like Etsy and Not on the High Street. Many small businesses design their own pin badges which their customers can collect. Pin badges are sturdy little things made out of a heavy duty metal. You can choose whichever design you wish and your badge can be crafted exactly how you would like it. Customers can wear them on their lapels, attach them to their bags and hats or can add them to pin boards with the rest of their collection. If you want merchandise items that your customers will be excited about then funky little pins might just be the way to go.



Branded Sweets

Branded sweets have worked a treat for businesses like Candy Kittens, why not make it work for your brand? People of all ages love sweets and they are a great item for giveaways and gift bags. They are inexpensive to produce and so they make for a very affordable method to catch the attention of your customers. You can choose whichever type of sweet you want and we will create branded packaging that shows of your logo. Whether you choose bags or boxes to package your sweets in, we know they will be affective because they make people feel like kids again, and people always remember how you make them feel.




Beanies are always a great option for merchandise because they are so cosy, people absolutely love them. They are a relatively inexpensive product to produce and they are easily branded, providing your with an affordable and effortless merchandise product. Whichever colour or design you choose, we can add your logo and branding however you want, printed on the beanies, vinyl heat transfers or embroidered in. Whatever look you’re going for we can help you achieve exactly what you want. Keep cosy with branded beanies and you won’t regret it.



Jigsaw Puzzles and Games

Who knew you could get your very own branded jigsaw puzzles and games? We did, because we offer them! If you’re looking for a branded merchandise option that will really stand out from the crowd, then why not invest in branded jigsaws or games? Choose whatever image you want for your jigsaw and choose from a wide variety of games, or why not even come up with your very own original board game? Make merchandise fun and inventive, it doesn’t need to be stuffy, it can be interactive, inclusion and innovative. If you have an idea for a possible branded jigsaw puzzle or your own branded game then do not hesitate to get in touch with us asap.


There you have it, there are so many options when it comes to merchandise and some of them are really fun. It’s 2021 and it’s about time we got creative and had some fun when it comes to marketing and merchandise. Getting customers involved and getting them talking is what it’s all about and we believe with some of our merchandise options you can do just that. Get in touch with us if you have new and innovative ideas about your merchandise and we’d be happy to help make those dreams a reality. We’re an Edinburgh based print, signage, merchandise, design, fabrication and fulfilment business, what does that mean? That we have the skills and facilities to carry out any projects that you might be interested in. We serve brands throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond, so no matter where you are and no matter what your ideas are, be sure to get in touch.


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