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“We have a wide variety of products that will help direct your customers to help them maintain social distancing without negatively affecting how you run your business.”

Are you ready to reopen? Get ready to reopen your premises with The Evolve Group

Things are looking hopeful when it comes to reopening a number of different businesses following a loosening of Covid-19 Restrictions, we’re pretty excited and we hope you are too. We have to ask if you’re ready to have customers back in your premises however, because if not, we can help you! Restrictions might be loosening but we still need to strictly maintain social distancing measures to ensure that we do not have to go back into another lockdown any time soon. We have a wide variety of products that will help direct your customers to help them maintain social distancing without negatively affecting how you run your business. Keep reading to find out more about the great social distancing products we have available at The Evolve Group.


We have options for a wide variety of businesses including the retail sector, the service and hospitality industries, as well as for nightlife venues. Now is the time to get ready to make sure you meet all the necessary restrictions for reopening. This is key to making sure you can reopen with your best foot forward, this way you can make the best profit and can get your business back on track after a really difficult year for everyone. We want to wish you and your business the best of luck with your reopening and we hope things will remain open, we want to help everyone get back on their feet so if you need Covid print or signage please do not wait to get in touch with us. Take a look below to find out about some of the great options for maintaining Covid restrictions while you reopen.

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Posters are an affordable way to make sure your customers are aware of the particular social distancing rules within your establishment. Making sure people are aware will be key to ensuring that your business can reopen well and can stay open. It is also a great way to inform customers of new opening hours, of reopening deals and offers. Invest in posters today to help with your reopening process.

Café Barriers

A pretty great option for maintaining social distancing in a wide variety of businesses, especially the hospitality industry. They can be used to cordon off particular areas or for directional and queuing purposes. Café barriers can also be used for marketing purposes. You can advertise deals and reopening times and you can also provide customers with information about your social distancing measures. Café barriers are the perfect way to make sure your customers don’t break the rules.

Vinyl Floor Graphics

Vinyl floor graphics are the perfect option for ensuring people socially distance. They can be used to set out socially distanced queues and they can be used for directional purposes. They are a really affordable way to add signage to your premises and they are easily installed and removed and they won’t cause any damage to your property. You can also purchase wall, window and vehicle vinyl graphics from The Evolve Group.

Hand Sanitiser Stands

Hand sanitiser is just a part of life now and businesses need to be able to offer their customers hand sanitiser. Having a printed or branded hand sanitiser stand is a great way to let your customers know you can offer them sanitiser and it is also far more hygienic than simply setting the sanitiser on a table or bar. It also looks far more professional if your sanitiser is on a stand.

Roller Banners

Roller banners are a great way to advertise in a socially distance setting, simply set your roller banner up at your premise’s door and let people know about your restrictions, opening hours and great deals available in your business.


We can offer flags as another great signage option. Flags are very attention grabbing and a great way to advertise that your premises are reaping after lockdown. We also offer bases so you can place your flag anywhere and it won’t blow away in the wind. They are great for a wide variety of businesses.

Flyers and Leaflets

If you want to send leaflets and flyers directly to your customers homes to let them know that you will be reopening we can help you. We can design your flyers, print them and send them for you, it couldn’t be easier. Simply let us know what you need and we can carry it out. Flyers and leaflets are an incredibly affordable way to market and they are a great option for social distancing because you can just put them through people’s letterboxes.

Things are definitely looking up for a number of businesses across different sectors. If you are interested in getting your business back up and running fast after lockdown restrictions have eased do not hesitate to get in touch with us to find out how we can help you and the wonderful Covid print and signage we have available to help inform your customers you’ve reopened and to remind them of social distancing measures. Lets all get ready to reopen this April!


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