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What is finishing?

What do we mean by finishing you might ask, print finishing and accessories are services we offer on top of our normal printing services. They range from adding features to already printed items or accessories needed to install or maintain different printed items. The Evolve Group is an Edinburgh based printing, manufacturing and design company. We serve customers throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond and have the facilities not just to print materials, we can design them and add features after. We are not just a printing company, we are so much more than that. At the Evolve Group it is all about the details. Whether it be in the design of printed materials, the high quality manufacturing of them or the final details, we take each step seriously and try to inject the professional we claim is one of our key traits into every part of the process. If you want to find out more about finishing then keep reading and we’ll fill you in!

The Devil is in the detail

Here at Evolve we truly believe that the Devil is in the details. That’s why at each step of our processes we ensure that the details are really taken care of. From designing, manufacturing, finishing, delivering and installing. You can really rely on us for all you printed materials, whether they are small format print, large format print or anything in-between. We can ensure that all the products you choose to order from us will be made to the high quality standards in printing. We are experts at printing and know how to create beautiful and high quality products. That’s why we offer a huge range of finishing and accessory options on top of our normal printing options. For those who want a more professional touch you may want to consider embossing printed materials or debossing printed materials. We have the facilities to do both on site and we believe it’s extras like this that really make printed solutions look ultra high quality and professional. We can also offer foiling, spot UV, forme cutting and perforating amongst other things. We can even carryout print finishing that protects the structural integrity of printed items such as hem reinforcing.

Looking for something more unique?

If you are looking for the type of print that is more unique then print finishers such as neon inks or metallic inks can really add the custom edge to your printed materials. We can help you choose whatever finish you want for you print. We have so many options available from matt lamination and gloss lamination to different foils and inks. The options with Evolve are endless. If you want a more unique product then adding these print finishing options is a great way to make your brand more luxurious and high quality, which is sure to make you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking for a unique touch when it comes to your print then look no further than the Evolve Group.

Extras and Accessories

We don’t just offer finishing options on our printed materials, we have a huge range of extras and accessories available to help you install and maintain your printed materials. If you want to put up large format printed products then you may need eyelets, zips, velcro, flag poles, pockets, cafe barrier hardware or print hardware in general, VHB tape, clips and channel and exhibition board bases. These items are essential for maintaining and installing the various print options we have available to our customers. If you need something more custom manufactured for your installation needs then simply ask us and we can see what we can do.

Getting ready for an event

If you’re heading to a trade show, exhibition or event then you will need printed materials. It is however, easy to over look the extras that you will need for those printed solutions. We’re here to help, we know which large and small format print options work best for those spaces, we’ve attended many ourselves and provided the right event materials to countless numbers of clients already, so we really know what we’re doing. In fact we can help you plan out your exhibition space and insure that you have all the printed materials and extras available to have an effective time at any event. Just get in touch with us now.

Need help with installation?

The Evolve Group can also help you with all your installation needs. We have a team of staff we are experts in installing print such as vinyl decals and printed signage. If you want the perfect installation that will ensure that your products last as long as they can then just ask us about our installation services and you’ll be surprised about how much we can offer.

With Evolve it’s all about the finish, get in touch with us to today to find out more about our print finishing services and accessories.

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