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“As an Edinburgh based print company we can deliver high-quality, unique print throughout Scotland, across the UK and beyond to the rest of the world”

Print is a tried and tested method for getting your brand out there. In 2021 we think it’s time to invest in high-quality printed materials to show off your brand to customers and potential partners alike.


You can never underestimate the power of print, especially in the middle of a pandemic.

At The Evolve Group we’re kind of the experts when it comes to printed materials and so we thought we’d choose our top five printed products to showcase this year. As an Edinburgh based print company we can deliver high-quality, unique print throughout Scotland, across the UK and beyond to the rest of the world.

We are proud to say we know the printing industry inside and out and have the facilities to offer you the widest range of printed materials possible, now stay tuned for our top five printed products for 2021…

1. Flyers

We really can’t recommend enough investing in printed flyers. They are such a fantastic way to market your business. Why? They are incredibly high impact for a very low cost. We can help you design very effective and attractive flyers that will help spread awareness of your brand. They are printed so easily and at such a low price, they are a great small investment for new businesses. They can be directly delivered to potential customer’s doors and they are a great way to market during the pandemic. We can’t market in many of the ways we used to because people are largely required to stay at home. Flyers are a great way to market to people directly at their doors. Flyers are the perfect Covid marketing technique! You can choose whatever design you want for your flyers, you can make them stylish, informational or chock full of great deals and offers. All the major fast food delivery businesses use flyers to market, so why can’t your brand? Invest in a low cost and effective printed marketing material today.

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2. Packaging

If you’re still able to trade chances are you’re going to need some fantastic packaging that is post friendly. The pandemic means that people are mostly shopping online these days and so pretty much everything you sell you will need to post directly to customer’s houses. We can help design you a packaging solution that entirely fits the needs of your brand and your products. If you are looking for packaging that can be slotted through letterboxes then we can help.

If you need packaging that can protect your products while they are in transit we can help with that too. We design, print and manufacture packaging so often so we really know what we’re doing and what’s required to make products look good but also what protects them as they journey to your customers. Printed packaging that allows your products to be safely transported to your customers is a key printed product.

3. Booklets and Brochures

Another great option for printed products in 2021 is booklets and brochures. Like flyers they can easily be delivered to people in their homes. Unlike flyers they have room for looks of information, graphics and design. You can really show off what your brand is all about with high-quality and well designed booklets and brochures. They are a great way for brands to show off all the services they have on offer, the products they have available or to give examples of recent work though case studies. They can be chock full of important information and you can really go all out on the design making them look stylish and professional. For 2021 we recommend investing in high quality booklets or brochures to be delivered right to your customer’s doors.

4. Personalised Stationery

As you can see there is sort of a pattern when it comes to our top five printed products for 2021, they can all fit through letter boxes! Personalised stationery is no different. Branded stationary is a great option for print this year as it is a great way to get in touch with your customers whilst looking professional and put together.

We have tons of branded stationary products available at The Evolve Group including; compliment slips, desktop pads, envelopes, greeting cards, letterheads, postcards, soft grip printed pens, stickers (including sheet stickers), everyday pens and so much more. Personalised stationary is great for high-quality correspondence but also for adding to giveaway packs, swag bags and goodie bags. Nothing looks more professional than branded letters and envelopes. Show off your brand with branded stationary in 2021.

5. Calendars

Our final favourite product for this year is branded calendars. It’s a good time of year to send out calendars directly to customers. They can easily be sent in the post. Calendars are a great marketing product because they are both attractive and practical and will be seen by customers for a whole year. They will constantly remind their owners of your brand and are such an easy way to market. We have a few different types of calendars available at The Evolve Group including desk calendars, folded wall planners, promotional calendars and so much more. Invest in branded calendars in 2021 to help market your brand.

There you have it, our top five branded or personalised print products for 2021. We hope you’ve been inspired to look into print to find out how it might be able to help your brand. 2021 presents some challenges to marketing departments but we think these print options might be a great way to get around them. If you’re looking for an Edinburgh printers then look no further than The Evolve Group, we serve print throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond.


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