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Brief: Design and produce temporary signage, banners and print for Terminal V Festival.

Terminal V Festival 1

Strategy: Terminal V is an all-day electronic festival which runs over multiple indoor and outdoor stages and some external areas. Being such a huge space, directional signage had to be clear and carefully positioned. Set times and drink pricing were changed right up to the last minute so attention to this was paramount during the proofing process and we needed to be able to respond quickly to last minute requests.

Terminal V Festival 2

Result: We created a mixture of directional and branded signage on a multitude of substrates to suit the different areas around the venue. We conducted a walk round to ensure placement of the directional signage was accurate. Smirnoff was the most visible drinks brand, we ensured exposure was high to drive sales at the bar. The event is gaining popularity every year and we continue to deliver quality activations each and every time.

Terminal V Festival 3
Terminal V Festival 4


Terminal V Festival 5
Terminal V Festival 6
Terminal V Festival 7


Terminal V Festival 8
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