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Brief: Bring a unique whisky tasting experience to life and give Dewar’s a lease of life and some quirky exposure on home turf.

Strategy: This needed to be a whisky tasting with a difference. We wanted to create and use alternative materials while maximising brand coverage within a tricky space…it was a canal boat after all! The POS and activation materials needed to be a bit different, a bit quirky and emphasise the unique features of Scotch Egg Club and Dewar’s alike.

Scotch Egg Club 1
Scotch Egg Club 2

Result: Boat loads of Scots and tourists alike were able to drink whisky, eat cheese, chocolate and scotch eggs while cruising along a canal. The brand got amazing exposure, we designed branded curtains, tasting cards, posters, merchandise and clothing, dram cups, labels as well as a bespoke chicken bingo board game! It’s not every day you play a game with a plastic chicken clucking its way across a bingo board…We even designed and printed temporary tattoos so that people would brand themselves!

Scotch Egg Club 3


Scotch Egg Club 4
Scotch Egg Club 5
Scotch Egg Club 6


Scotch Egg Club 7
Slane Irish Whiskey