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Attending a business conference or exhibition as a small business can be incredibly terrifying and intimidating,

it’s pretty scary for some large businesses too. A number one concern for many small businesses attending their first ever business exhibition is how they can stand out in a huge crowd and cut through the noise of bigger and bolder businesses. The Evolve Group are business conference and exhibition veterans, we’ve attended our fair share of trade shows and exhibitions both as participants and viewers and we’ve helped organise a large number of conferences and networking events for other organisations. We’ve lost count of the number of small and emerging businesses we’ve personally helped get ready for their first trade show or exhibition and we know all the concerns experienced by those getting ready to start this journey. This blog is intended to help inform small businesses on the various ways they can stand out at trade shows and events and should help them feel more confident. Keep reading to find out how stand out at exhibitions and conferences.

  1. Be Confident! – All businesses start out as small businesses, even the largest companies started out where you started out and they all understand what it takes to get a small business off the ground, the fact that you’ve already made it so far as to be able to take your small business to attend an exhibition, trade show or conference means you’re already doing very well! So be confident that your business has lots of potential and that you know what you’re doing and if your don’t know what you’re doing then don’t worry, because who does when they attend their first event? When in doubt, fake it till you make it!
  2. Get your hands on a professional looking display – Exhibition displays really don’t have to cost the earth, if you can afford to invest in a full reusable display kit for events then do, make sure you choose something durable so it can be used again and again. Make sure the design of your display is both eye-catching and timeless. If you can’t afford the full set then order something like a mesh roller banner or fabric tension signs that are affordable and transportable and this will have a good effect also. Rent the larger event display structures if you can’t afford to invest in a full set of your own. Exhibition stands hire is a service we offer at the Evolve Group. Other products we offer than can be helpful for events or conferences include shell scheme graphics, portable displays, modular stands, stage back drops, stand furniture hire, pop up shops and bars, design, print, signage, giveaways and clothing/uniforms and so much more. If you have any questions about the products we have on offer or if you want to discuss more bespoke exhibition displays then contact now.
  3. Get there early to set up – A service we offer is setting up exhibition spaces for conferences and events. So we know just how important it is to leave time for setting up your exhibition display. No one likes to rush, especially when you’re already nervous. Make sure you leave yourself enough time before an exhibition to set up your exhibition space just as you like, whether you’re simply using some pop-up displays or if you have furniture and props to move. This stand is your base throughout the conference and so having it organised will make you feel a lot better as the event progresses and you begin to network and interact with other businesses and potential customers.
  4. Take public speaking opportunities – If you’re offered the chance to speak to a crowd about your business then take it, even if you’re very nervous or have little experience doing so, because you have to start somewhere and the more you engage in public speaking, the easier it gets. Public speaking is also a great way to introduce people to your brand and to let them know what you as a business owner are all about. Jump at any and every chance to public speak at exhibitions and conferences.
  5. Gifts and Giveaways – Being able to offer your new potential customers and partners a branded gift or treat is a great way to increase brand exposure, woo clients and help people remember you. You don’t need to go over the top and spend lots of money on corporate gifts and giveaways but some small gifts with your branding on them are a surefire way to help you stand out at exhibitions, especially if you offer you items in branded gift bags or swag bags. The Evolve Group can help you with every aspect of creating and packaging branded gifts for exhibition giveaways.

Those are some of our top tips for standing out at exhibitions and conferences as a small business, we hope they helped. If you have any queries concerning event planning, exhibition display products, manufacturing stands and event set up, then make sure to get in touch with us, we’d be glad to simply give some advice. Jump into events with the Evolve Group by your side.

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