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What is third space and on trade space and why is it important for business?

As customers we might not notice all the amazing planning and designing that goes into creating a space in an hospitality or office setting. All we notice is how the space makes us feel, whether that space makes us feel relaxed, comfortable, productive, excited or ready to party. We know as a design and manufacture company that is often involved in events, that serious planning and design goes into creating these spaces and ensuring that they reflect the ethos and atmosphere that the client wishes for. The Evolve Group is an Edinburgh based design and manufacture company that serves clients throughout Scotland, the UK and beyond. We have years of experience in designing equipment, props, decor and so much more for a variety of clients and brands. Let us help you by using our expertise to create a space that perfectly encapsulates your brand.

On Trade Space

For those unsure of what on trade means, it concerns any place that sells alcohol to be consumed on site. So bars, pubs, hotels and restaurants. Off trade concerns alcohol sold in retail settings such as supermarkets, which is not to be consumed on site. Often hospitality venues that sell a particular alcoholic beverage will want to promote that product with specifically designed props or spaces. These props and spaces need to be designed and that is something we have a lot of experience with at the Evolve Group. There are so many options when it comes to designing a particular item or space for on trade customers and it’s a chance for us to get really creative. We have a significant amount of experience working with the major drinks companies in Scotland and the UK and know what they want in terms of promoting their products. Every year we are heavily involved in designing, manufacturing and creating spaces for the Edinburgh Festival. If you have any queries regarding on trade requests, simply get in touch with us, we have a lot of experience manufacturing bespoke products for this industry and would be happy to share our expertise.

What we have on offer for on trade and third space

What we love so much about helping to design on trade and third space projects is that we get to work with some really creative and unique items. They are often entirely bespoke as well, meaning we have to come up with all new designs. Here are just a few options we have on offer when it comes to third space and on trade options: flower walls, neon signs and light-boxes, gazebos, projections, polystyrene props and letters, bespoke furniture including swings and seats, whisky barrels and crates, awnings and canopies and so much more. If you are wondering if we might be able to help with a more bespoke item for your on trade and third space needs then get in touch with us to find out if we can help you.

Third Space

More and more office spaces and public venues are investing in third space options. Third spaces are areas where staff, customers and clients can relax or carry out work in a more causal area. Creating a third space area is all about the design. Making the most of spaces available to create relaxing settings where people can work or have meetings in a more casual atmosphere. Great examples of third space areas include the ones at the Google offices where people are encouraged to step away from their desks and work in a more causal space to allow for more productivity and creativity. They are also a great space for people who are visiting your office space to wait and relax before meetings. The Evolve Group can help you design these spaces and can design and manufacture the various props that you wish to place in them. We know what it takes to design a space that entirely reflects the ethos of your brand or business. Third Space is a modern way to help your office and public venues feel more approachable and productive.

Manufacturing, Transit, Installation, Maintenance and Deinstallation

The Evolve Group can help you every step of the way when it comes to on trade and third space options, whether you’re looking for permanent displays or props or if you just need to fill a space for an event or a short period of time. We can design the space or event and can design the props and furniture items that will feature in them. We can then source the proper materials and manufacture all the elements you need. We also have the facilities to transport your goods to any venue with our vans. We can then install the items as you wish by our expert team of installation staff. If you intend to keep the displays and settings for a long time we can carry out maintenance work and if the displays are only temporary we can uninstall them without damage to them or the venue. Get in touch with us now to help design and fulfil all your on trade and third space needs.

The Evolve Group have so much experience in this area and we are keen to share our knowledge with you, get in touch with us today and we can completely take care of all your on trade and third space needs and we can help you create a space that has the perfect design and feel.

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