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Brief: Design, manufacture and install vinyl graphics, LED illuminated letter signage, clothing, menus, menu boards and general printing.

bright and light menu design

Strategy: The location of this pop-up bar was in the centre of Edinburgh, above the train station and next to the main street in the city. The sign needed to be visible from the road when travelling by bus or tram as well as by pedestrians, so it needed to be manufactured with legs to elevate it and it needed to be illuminated to be seen at night. The vinyl graphics needed to be funky and related to seafood to make it clear that seafood would be served. The colour blue was used for all clothing and print to tie in with the sea theme.

fizz & pearl project design

Result: A very Instagram-worthy sign and space! Our whole creative team went to the launch of Fizz & Pearl and managed to grab a shot with fireworks in the background…timing really is everything! This bar was a hive of activity and it looked amazing. It could be seen from every angle and the contemporary look stood out from the old buildings that surrounded it. A true gem…or should we say pearl.

external illuminated signage edinburgh



accreditations logos for signage and printing
Butcher Boy