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Brief: The Espy Portobello is a pub/restaurant on the coast, overlooking the Firth of Forth.
Diageo had some budget for HH13, a tasty Irish Lager gaining traction across the world and so we were set the task of creating some bespoke branded furniture to increase visibility in the venue.

Strategy: With a small budget to make this a reality, Evolve sourced metal outdoor furniture from a trusted supplier and branded each of the tables with a large HH13 vinyl logo, now everyone who sits on the promenade would have this in their line of view…and hopefully head up to the bar and order a pint of the good stuff!

We also branded up an outdoor heater to keep the drinkers warm as well as two bespoke pallet benches for them to sit on which fit with the brand (and people love quirky bespoke products). Source the material for the pallet benches, treat it with love and care, brand it up to look ‘Hop Housey’ and deliver it to site!

hop house 13 lager design
bespoke wooden bench
outdoor table design

Result: Happy venue, happy customer and happy drinkers! The brand is very visible at this venue, and if you were to ask anyone who has visited since the activation, they would be sure to mention the quirky branded furniture throughout. During the summer months Hop House 13 will be the brand of choice as almost everything in site is Hop House.

bar pub heat lamp
branded outdoor bar furniture



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