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“There are numerous websites available to create your own logo on nowadays. This means you don’t have to go to a graphic designer for your branding anymore…in theory.”

We argue that whilst you could make your own logo online, there are at least 5 reasons why you should work with a graphic designer to help create your logos and branding. Especially if you choose to work with one of the fantastic graphic designers at the Evolve Group, one of Scotland’s leading design and manufacture companies. Stay tuned to find out about the 5 reasons you should come to us for your design solutions and branding and logo designs.

  1. Better Design – You can design your own logo online, but you know that you will be able to get a better logo from one of our professional graphic designers. Fully trained to carry out logo design, branding design, designing for packaging, products and physical spaces, digital solutions and so much more. A Graphic designer will be able to design a far more professional, stylish, expensive and luxurious looking logo and branding than you will be able to create on a free website. Investing in a graphic designer is investing in the look and feel of your brand. Our designers are experts at fulfilling briefs. They can take an idea you had and turn it into something that looks truly professional. Entirely bespoke logos. They can offer you a range of options and they might design something that you would never have thought to consider but something that actually works perfectly for your brand.
  2. Expert Software – Online websites that allow you to design your own logo are immensely limited in what they actually allow you to do. They are not equipped with the latest software needed for complete free reign over design. At the Evolve Group, our designers are trained in graphic design meaning they know how to use the complicated software such as photoshop and adobe. Not everyone can use these programs and so you should take advantage of the skills of our graphic designers to create you the best logo and branding they possibly can.
  3. They can create entire concepts for you – Our graphic designers can do more than simply design you a logo. They have the capabilities to design entire branding concepts for you. They know all about branding and PR and are well versed in coming up with marketing concepts to help push your brand. They can design digital elements, for Print elements, such as flyers and posters. They can design packaging that works perfectly for your brand and for your specific products. They can even design the print for retail spaces and corporate spaces. They know how to maximise the space and add the best design features to perfectly show off your brand. They also have the know how to carry out Experiential design, which means they best know how to design processes that are the most user friendly and accessible. They can design outdoor space features, such as billboards, signage and building cladding. They also have the skills to be able to design websites for your brand. Websites are complicated things and therefore you need an expert to help design you a website that will reflect your brand, stand out from the crowd and be easy to use by customers and staff. As you can see, our graphic designers are equipped to handle every aspect of the design within your branding process. Creative, branding and digital and physical designs are something the Evolve Group can take care of.
  4. Expertise – All our graphic designers have been working in their fields for at least ten years. They know what works in terms of design and they know what doesn’t. They know what is just a trend of the moment and what is a timeless feature to add to your design. They know what is already out there in terms of designs and so they know what it takes to create you a unique logo and one of a kind branding. Trust in the expertise of our designers and you will not be unhappy with the design results you receive.
  5. Good way to delegate – When we are setting up our own businesses it is easy to try to do everything yourself because it means so much to you and the project is your baby. However, if you want to be able to get the business going, you can’t try to do everything yourself because you will quickly burn out. That is why it is good to delegate things to others. Especially something like design when you can delegate to experts and get the best results possible. Starting a new business is always hard, but at the Evolve Group we can help you with all the design elements you can think of. Take the pressure off yourself and delegate your design to the Evolve Group.

We hope we have convinced you of the reasons for choosing to work with a graphic designer. At Evolve we can help you through every step of the way. From design, to manufacture, installation, distribution and maintenance. Choose one of Scotland’s best design and manufacture companies to help you with all your company needs and we will make sure you’re happy with the results.

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