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Brief: Take the Skittle Alley at the Sheep Heid (Scotland’s Oldest Pub) and make it into The Johnnie Walker Skittle Alley. Create a space for people to enjoy bowling in the Oldest Pub in Scotland while they enjoy the World’s Favourite Scotch…

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Strategy: From the minute people arrive in the venue, they need to know that they are in a Johnnie Walker inspired venue…as you approach the alley you see a wooden engraved sign directing you to the door, as you walk in the door a branded JW mat greets you, once inside the scoreboard, the cushions and the barrel tables are all branded with the famous Walker. The walls are covered with archive images to put the history and prestige of the brand at the forefront of your mind. As you go to bowl your first ball you notice the small Walker throwing line on the lane and looking

up you see a much larger Walker on each lane. At the bottom of each lane, 10 beautifully branded pins stare back at you… and guess what, they have been painted and branded to look like bottles of Johnnie Walker Black Label. Above the pins, a wood-effect sign with a gold vinyl Walker completes the room. To enhance the overall look and feel of the room, the skirting boards, central reserve and floors have been painted and varnished to tie in with the brand as well as the pads at the bottom of each lane being recovered in a faux leather black material.

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Result: The Skittle Alley is unmistakeably Johnnie Walker and no other drink would be appropriate to hold in your hand. The activation is superb and feedback from everyone has been fantastic.

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